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Testing video upload

I have just re-opened this blog to test the video upload from YouTube as some participants in the Open Webpublishing group mentioned not being able to do it. My  Wide Open Spaces blog is a private WordPress install on my own server, so it does not sport sometimes the same features.

So here is the process – logged in, checked the dashboard area and found a message from Donncha on Songs and Movies on WordPress.com

Well, this is valid for people who want to upload their own movies and songs. I´ll try this later. However, for YouTube, you are given a code…so normally, the only thing to do is to copy and paste it in here – must remember to switch the text from visual to code, or else it does not work.

So here it goes, copied the code from YouTube, switching text from visual to code and pasting it in there. Publish

Let me see what happens.

Nothing 🙂 because WordPress does not accept this kind of code?

So we go to the WordPress FAQ and check whether other people have had the same problem. Yes, here it is

They give you all the explanation.
So here it goes again, I had not taken the space out.


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Please update your feeds!

Now that WordPress offers an import and export feature, I have moved all the content from all my blogs to Wide Open Spaces.

Open house. See you there !

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Although in July teachers in Brazil enjoy a month of winter holidays, there is work ahead. From 8th to 11the July, I will be attending the Braz-Tesol National Convention, both as a presenter (Networking the network) and the coordinator of the newly created EduTech SIG.

Leo van Lier from the Monterey Institute of the International Studies has accepted to launch our first event at the pre-convention on Saturday and some colleagues will  share their experience in integrating ICT in class. I would also like to discuss on this opportunity if and how adopting new technologies can make us better reflect on and understand the learning process and also help us and our learners develop our voice, autonomy and social involvement.

Then from July 13th to 14th, I have enrolled for the Winter School on Critical Literacy which will also take place in Brasilia  right after the convention. The objective is

  • to train a group of catalisers
  • to create a space for projects to emerge within the community
  • to provide the technical, theoretical and practical support for practitioners who want to work in this area.

I have not yet received word from IATEFL Chile whether they will be accepting my proposal ( International Collaboration Online) and sponsor my trip. If this is the case, I will be in Santiago from Tuesday 18th to Wednesday 19th July.

Now…this is only possible because it is holiday time so I am investing my own time  travelling and paying for my expenses. It is not easy for a secondary school teacher to keep updated and develop professionally. High schools boards not only do not have a budget for this but also have the general belief that teachers have nothing to say. 

Instead of having time (and being paid for it) to share information with peers and being allowed to choose what you feel like learning, you are there to control a classroom and be grateful for receiving occasional enlightement from inspectors or trainers during inefficient workshops removed from your practice and reality. More on this later.

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I am the mentor for the Young Caucasus Project during this coming Easter week (April 9th to 16th) . The subject of languages, identity and intercultural competence is very close to my heart as I have been exposed to it all my life and this is why I would like to hear what you have to say.

I have discussed the subject with my senior students this week and given the same questions I will be posting on the project site next Sunday so they could reflect and write about them before they left on their 2-week autumn break starting today.

Some have written their own personal narratives to share with the students from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia involved in the project. Here are the links to their posts if you want to comment on them as well. I will be adding more as they update their blogs.

Please post your answers to Aiden´s students (Taiwan) here

This class will be active from February to October 2006.


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Re-thinking Learning

Karla Lopez sent me a link to George Siemens’ presentation on Connectivism: Re-thinking learning.

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2006 at School

A quick update from this side of the world . Our school year has just started and I have taken to blogging with my classes again 🙂

I have plugged my 39 10th graders (2 classes) into the ECML Project which can be carried  either in English or in French.Check my blog and the blogroll. Each class has 3 x  50′ a week, one of them in the computer room with half the class each time so I am planning to carry on the project until the end of the year and insert blogging/photoblogging /podcasting and digital story-telling during this time.
I have already spent two classes in the computer room to open accounts with ECML , Flickr and Bloglines. They have chosen their templates and given a title to their blog. They are supposed to post their introductions this week and the system allows me to moderate the posts, so I can correct them before they go out. What I have done is to copy their productions to Word, correct using Track Change and notes, send them back . They then repost it on their blogs and I publish them.
Because I have not closed my students´comment area and we are not going to use the blogs for blanket assignments, I have  opened my classrooms to interact with the world (P2P-EFL-ESL-X) . They are listed on the Dekita Exchange page so any of you can connect to them. Give them a week to post their intros. You may ask your own stds to post a comment. You know how rewarding this can be.
My 12th graders and I will be participating in the Young Women Caucasus Project and communicating with exchange students from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia later in March.  For people interested in starting blogging with more advanced students, reading and commenting this is a project worth joining.

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