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Testing video upload

I have just re-opened this blog to test the video upload from YouTube as some participants in the Open Webpublishing group mentioned not being able to do it. My  Wide Open Spaces blog is a private WordPress install on my own server, so it does not sport sometimes the same features.

So here is the process – logged in, checked the dashboard area and found a message from Donncha on Songs and Movies on WordPress.com

Well, this is valid for people who want to upload their own movies and songs. I´ll try this later. However, for YouTube, you are given a code…so normally, the only thing to do is to copy and paste it in here – must remember to switch the text from visual to code, or else it does not work.

So here it goes, copied the code from YouTube, switching text from visual to code and pasting it in there. Publish

Let me see what happens.

Nothing 🙂 because WordPress does not accept this kind of code?

So we go to the WordPress FAQ and check whether other people have had the same problem. Yes, here it is

They give you all the explanation.
So here it goes again, I had not taken the space out.


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